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This position administers and directs all programs to maintain buildings, grounds, equipment, construction and safety.  Conforms to all regulatory agencies.  Develops implements and directs a preventative and corrective maintenance program to ensure efficient and un-interruptive operation of the physical plant and all related operating equipment. Coordinates Plant Operations activities with regulatory agencies. Advisor to all departments for new construction and remodeling with department managers and Administration in obtaining all necessary permits. Responsible for proper permitting and permit renewal of all plant operations related to Engineering. Advisor to all department managers for the proper permitting of individual department requirements (i.e., pharmacy hoods, lab hoods, etc.).  Assists other department managers in administering safety activities. Consistently supervises and coordinates the activities of personnel in the Plant Operations departments. Manages appropriate and timely personnel performance evaluations on all employees of the Plant Operations departments. Consistently participates in the development of capital equipment and operating budget and maintains operations of the Plant Operations Departments within the approved budget.


  • Fulfills all Environment of Care monitoring and reporting responsibilities. 
  • Fulfills all safety reports to the Environment of Care Committee.      
  • Coordinates aesthetic design enhancements to the facility.  
  • Ensures compliance to TJC and HFAP standards as they apply to the Environment of Care requirements.   Ensures compliance to Life Safety guidelines and practices.        
  • Coordinates facility involvement in ensuring compliance to CA SB 1953—Seismic standards.
  • Understand, respects and displays sensitivity to culture, age and persons with disabilities.
  • Compassionate and empathetic in any interaction with patient, family or peers.
  • Communicate with patients, family, loved ones and peers in a positive way and in a way they understand. 
  • For direct patient care faculty only.
  • Encourage empowered patients by involving all in their care.
  • Provide both clinical and emotional care through a patient’s stay.
  • Explaining all things to patients and families in a way they can understand.         
  • Participates actively and positively affects the outcomes of customer service activities        
  • Involves family and friends. Ensuring family and loved ones are notified and involved.       
  • Take pride in the place of work and in one’s job every day. Ownership in one’s hospital.        
  • Developing peer relationships that enable the work group to accomplish the daily workload within the allotted time frame and achieve departmental goals.           
  • Positive, proactive, collaborative, helpful and caring to coworkers and colleagues.  
  • Notification to Department manager/Director of potential problem or concerns. When faced with a problem or concern, is proactive by presenting suggested solutions at the time that the Department manager/Director is made aware of the problem or concern.     
  • Effective and timely processing of customers requests according to hospital and departmental policies.
  • Committed to the “internal customer.”     
  • Utilize respectful language, tone, body language and communication with patient, family, loved ones and peers. Communicate in a way they understand on the phone, in person, and all forms of interaction.  
  • Timely and meets deadlines both internally and externally    
  • Supports Patient Rights.   
  • Using written communication that is legible, timely and at a level based on the position specific requirements.    
  • Listening attentively to ensure effective two-way communication.   
  • Expressing and accepting feedback in a professional manner.        
  • Observes dress code policy and wears hospital identification as required by our policies and procedures.   
  • Follow and abide by all privacy (HIPAA) regulations regarding patient information.           
  • Being sensitive to customer’s emotions, thoughts and feelings by being culturally aware of their preferences and cultural norms.
  • Leading by example by emphasizing and highlighting the positive details of a situation or behaviors of others.   
  • Interacts with coworkers, other hospital staff, physicians, and the public in a courteous, professional and efficient manner. 
  • Establishes good rapport and working relationships with coworkers, other hospital staff, physicians and the public. Creating this rapport by exhibiting dependable, empathetic, trustworthy and compassionate behavior.
  • Displays behavior that exhibits a commitment to providing the best quality care both clinical and emotionally to patients, family and peers.
  • Attends scheduled inservice and mandatory inservice.  Communicates ideas to supervisor for a safer layout of equipment, tools, and/or processes.     
  • Follows standard precautions and transmission based precautions as shown by consistent use of appropriate personal protective equipment.       
  • Adheres to procedures for the disposal of waste – household waste and biohazard waste as well as the proper disposal of sharps. 
  • Uses proper body mechanics at all times.  Seeks assistance when necessary to move heavy objects or to transport/transfer a heavy patient. 
  • Is knowledgeable in the hospital safety program and takes necessary steps to maintain a safe environment.  Adheres to safe work practices in order to prevent injuries and illnesses. 
  • Is familiar with emergency codes and emergency preparedness procedures and understands his/her role in response to each of the emergency codes (Code Blue, Code Pink, Code Orange, Code Yellow, Code Gray, Code Silver, Code Purple, etc.)      
  • Maintains the department in a neat, clean, and orderly manner, especially in own work area.   
  • Eliminates or assists in eliminating any seen or known hazards in the workplace.  Reports any unsafe conditions to his or her immediate supervisor.
  • Demonstrates good safety habits and judgment by maintaining a safe environment at all times.           
  • Complies with all hospital safety and injury prevention policies and regulations (seven Environment of Care plans and hospital safety policies and procedures).


  • Minimum of two (2) years hospital experience (preferred).
  • Basic HVAC, electrical, plumbing, boilers, hazardous material and safety management experience required. Management experience necessary.
  • Knowledge of hospital associated codes.
  • Experience in management/supervision of all Facilities related departments (EVS, Security, Grounds, Biomed, etc.).
  • Knowledge of facility buildings, equipment, and utilities.
  • Must obtain Sexual Harassment certification within 6 months, and then maintain biennially.


San Gabriel Valley Medical Center

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Plant Operations/Engineering


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